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Product Description

ZF Passau PK7500 P7300 P8300 P3300 P3301 P4300 P5300 , PK-7500 P-7300 P-8300 P-3300 P-3301 P-4300 P-5300 Concrete Transportation Mixer CZPT transmissions for transportation mixers Compact CZPT packs from for the world of concrete The knowledge of much more than 300,000 mixer gearboxes in the rough and challenging concrete mixer market place, led to their latest gearbox development, the ECOMIX II family members. With the CML 8 and the CML ten designed a new gearbox assortment, which fulfills with the innovative design and style all the requests, CZPT and enduser anticipate from a contemporary drive.
Bodyweight conserving, reduced noise, elevated daily life time, easier servicing and assembly and eco friendliness are all features of the new variety.
In addition to the new assortment, continues to supply the properly verified P-Collection which has been continually upgraded in layout and requirements.
Details regarding the selection of hydraulic fluid:     
The appropriate decision of hydraulic fluid needs expertise of the running temperature in relation to the ambient temperature: in a shut circuit the circuit temperature. The hydraulic fluid must be decided on so that the operating viscosity in the running temperature assortment is inside the the best possible variety – the shaded region of the selection diagram. We advisable that the greater viscosity course be chosen in every single circumstance. Illustration: At an ambient temperature of X °C an functioning temperature of fifty eight °C is established. In the the best possible running viscosity selection (shaded location) this corresponds to the viscosity lessons VG45 or VG65 to be picked: VG65. Remember to be aware: The circumstance drain temperature, which is influenced by force and velocity, is often larger than the circuit temperature. At no stage in the system may the temperature be increased than 115 °C. If the earlier mentioned conditions can not be maintained due to extreme running parameters, please check with us.

china  shop Pk/7500 P/7300/8300/3300/3301/4300/5300 Zf Passau Concrete Transport Mixer Gearbox makers