china price Fada Marine Gearbox Mg28.30 for 400-1800rpm Marine Engine manufacturers

Item Description

CZPT CZPT Gearbox MG28.30 for four hundred-1800rpm CZPT Engine


MG series maritime gearbox is created of two-stage speed reduction, concentric enter and output and rotating in one course, possessing features of ahead and astern, clutching & de-clutching and pace reduction. It attributes in compact in framework, small in volume and sleek in operation.


Model Transmission capability ps/p.min-1 Input rotate pace Reduction ratio
MG28.thirty .809(1.10)-5713(.29) 400-1800 2:1-7:one
MG30.32 1.051(1.43)-.309(.42) four hundred-1800 2:1-7:1
MG32.35 1.367(1.86)-.390(.53) 400-1800 2:1-7:one
MG36.39 1.808(2.46)-.515(.70) four hundred-1800 2:1-7:1
MG39.forty one 2.381(3.24)-.654(.89) 400-1600 2:1-7:one
MG42.forty five 3.205(4.36)-.875(1.19) 400-1600 two:1-7:one
MG45.forty nine hundred seventy five(5.sixty eight)-1.117(1.52) 400-1400 two:1-7:1
MG49.54 5.189(7.06)-1.485(2.02) four hundred-1200 2:1-7:one
MG52.fifty nine 7.159(9.seventy four)-1.911(2.60) four hundred-1200 two:1-7:1
MG60.sixty six 9.246(12.fifty eight)-2.683(3.sixty five) 400-1200 two:1-7:1
MG65.72 10.364(14.10)-3.006(4.09) 400-1050 two:1-7:one
MG70.76 fourteen.200(19.32)-4.006(5.forty five) four hundred-a thousand 2:1-7:one
MG80.86 19.727(26.eighty four)-5.718(7.78) 400-900 two:1-7:1
MG85.92 twenty five.343(34.forty eight)-7.379(ten.04) 400-900 two:1-7:1

MG collection marine gearboxes are broadly utilized in transportation, CZPT and fishing boats..

china  cost Fada Maritime Gearbox Mg28.30 for four hundred-1800rpm Maritime Motor makers